Tuesday, March 1, 2011

{March Gotta-Haves}

I'm starting a new column at the beginning of each month where I share with you several of my favorite things and obsessions. Most of the items will be those that I have already purchased and am simply writing a review on, while others will be those that are on my wish list. So without further ado, here are my March picks:
Jessica Picks - MARCH
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1. Flare jeans -can I just say that love that the 70s are back - especially that flare jeans are here this season? I recently purchased these Gap jeans and they are now my new fave. There are all sorts of brands out there that you can purchase - but I've gotta say that for the price, these are AH-mazing!

2. City flats - let me tell you, these things are way comfortable {almost like wearing slippers} and are super cheap. I have a fuchsia pair that I bought for $12 and a navy pair that I bought for $9. In the stores only they are all 40% off {online they are still $25+} - trust me, you will love them.

3. Leopard skinny belt - so I've been a little obsessed with finding a skinny leopard print belt...that fits. I'm still on the hunt, and am really liking this one from ASOS. 

4. Feminine blouses - another obsession. I told you about my find {thanks Tracy} at Target, and this one over at Misssel Fridge is only $30. Much better than the ones I've seen at Nordstrom for $250! I will buy {and have purchased} $200+ shoes, but a blouse....nahhh...

5. Tasty sandwiches - bacon, avocado, brie cheese...can you really go wrong with that? It reminds me of my favorite sandwich at NOFO - mmmmm brilliant.
6. Bangle bracelets - I talked about these on my Link Lovin post on Friday. In my eyes Kate Spade can do no wrong, and I just adore these {as I call them} Beastie-Boy-Chic No Sleep Til Brooklyn bangles. Really, any bangles {and lots of them} are right up my alley. 

7. Rosemary mint soap - all I have to say is go buy it. It's truly my favorite - very light and fresh and makes your skin feel really good and moisturized. 

8. Patterned tops - this is something that I majorly struggle with. I want this shirt more than you know, but the cost is prohibiting me from getting it. Now the hard part - finding the look for less.

9. Woodwinked eyeshadow - this is my go-to eyeshadow. This with a little Rice Paper, and a little mascara is all I need...literally takes 30 seconds.

10. Flat platform shoes - don't turn your nose up just yet, I'm intrigued and have purchased a pair online. I have a feeling they are going to be genius...pics to come.

11. Vintage jewelry - my name is Jessica and I'm a jewelry hoarder. I have purchased and made tons of costume jewelry and I love it all. But I'm now saving up for a statement designer vintage piece that I can pass on to my future daughter. I fell in love with a Chanel necklace that was sold and I haven't gotten over it yet. Next time I find such an amazing piece I'm going for it and taking the plunge!

So what do you think? Anything spark your interest? What things are you obsessing over lately?


  1. What are your thoughts on Oxford shoes? I've seen them as flats (the classic), open-toe heel and wedge, closed-toe chunky heel.... I think I like the closed-toe chunky heel but can't think of enough ways to wear them to justify the purchase! (Plus I don't know if I really like them enough)

  2. Off to buy the rosemary ment soap today. I have a feeling that I'm goin to love it!

  3. Andrea I will get back to you on the Oxford shoes - I love them, I have a pair, and will show you how you can wear them. You know me - I'll always find a way to make you spend money! Check back for links later on!

    Rosalynn - you're gonna love it - promise. Let me know!!

  4. Andrea - I put a couple of looks together for you. You can find them here:


    Hope this helps your decision!

  5. GENIUS Jess!!! Thanks a ton! I am definitely in love with the super chunky open-toe wedge. I love how they look with the rolled up boyfriend jeans and no socks. Thanks a ton! Now to decide which to purchase :)


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