Monday, January 26, 2015

Allow Me To Introduce Myself

Six Eighty Eight - About Me


  1. To say I LOVE THIS in an understatement. It is so good to see YOU. Love and Hugs!!!

  2. I love the new "About Me" page! Very cool. And the photos are great! :)

  3. THANK YOU Kelly, Becky, and Roz - 3 of my biggest supporters! You definitely keep me going! xoxo

  4. I just happened to stumble upon your blog and I must say I Love everything you're about and doing. It's been so hard for me to find like minded women who have the same dreams and aspirations as I do. Everyone in my circle are fulfilled with their corporate jobs and look at me crazy when I complain about my dead end one. May god bless you and continue to be a inspiration to us all.


    1. Hi Tiphani!! THANK YOU so much for your message. Isn't it amazing how we just "stumble" upon things? I used to believe in coincidence, but now I believe that every random occurrence is made by design - it was supposed to happen. So I'm happy that you were lead to my site and I truly appreciate your kind words. It's so hard finding people in your inner circle that get what you do. It's not that they don't support you, they just don't understand...and I'm learning that it's ok. There's nothing like having like minded people in your corner - so consider me in your corner! If you need anything or have any questions that I can help with, never hesitate to contact me. Again, THANK YOU for reaching out - have an amazing day!!!! xoxo, Jessica


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