Monday, February 21, 2011

{Five Weekend Lessons}

5 Weekend Lessons 2.21.11
1. So I signed up for a 7-day vegan challenge last Tuesday with some friends......and........I quit after 2 days! I can definitely become a vegetarian because I hardly ever eat meat, but to give up dairy: eggs, cheese, yogurt, sour cream - I just couldn't do it. After quitting I did feel like a little loser, but through my 2 day "ordeal" I definitely learned some lessons ~ a) leave the fake dairy products alone - yuck, no good., bad. b) Whole Foods vegan cookies are SH-MAZING {sooooo good} as well as their Mock Chicken Salad {I don't know what was in it, I didn't ask any questions, but it's really good and I will continue to eat it}. c) There are more vegan-friendly restaurants here in Raleigh than I thought...there is {of course} Whole Foods, Irregardless CafeNeomonde, and Harmony Farms - I had amazing meals at each. d) I may actually try the challenge again, knowing all the options that are out there that are good for you and are really tasty!

2. I really love this quote - it's not the amount of years you live on this earth - it's what you do with them...

3. I've been obsessed with finding feminine blouses and I actually found the look for less at Target! This blouse comes in stone/beige {which I purchased of course}, black, and army green for $16.00. Can't beat that right?

4. I have this lovely MacBook Pro computer and I have no idea how to use it! It took me forever just to learn how to cut and paste. I've never worked on mac before so I'm having to learn from scratch. I need a tutor!!!

5. You know my obsession with food trucks, right? Well just found out that there is a grilled cheese food truck running around in Durham. O.M.G right? I'm sure it's not WW friendly - but I'm definitely going to save up my points for this treat! When I go, I'll be sure to take pics and share the love!

So what did you do this weekend? Did you learn any lessons? Have any ah-ha moments?


  1. This weekend I learned that:
    1. I really need a new phone because mine is a p.o.s.
    2. Being at Mom & Dad's is the cure all for a hectic week
    3. Ohio is mean. It tricks you with spring weather and throws a wintery snowball your way
    4.That having an aquatic turtle is all the pet that I need.

    haha, kind of trivial..but nonetheless lessons learned.

    Also, I'll be printing out that quote from above.

    Thanks J!

  2. i spent some time with the fam, including my 2 yr old nephew who is growing like a weed. i am on a blouse kick right now too. however, i have been pruchasing too many solids so im really looking out for some pattern!

    btw - im offering my first giveaway. check it out!


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