Monday, February 28, 2011

{And The Winner Is...}

Oscar Recap
Yay!!!!! Natalie and Colin won - wooohooo - so well deserved!!! So did you guys watch the Oscar's last night? I really enjoyed the opening skit, the scene with Kirk Douglas, and the Lena Horne tribute, but I have to be honest that the show was a little dry this year. As you know I watched all of the nominated movies before the awards and it really made watching them more enjoyable {if I hadn't, I probably would have went to sleep}. If you followed me on Twitter last night you know that I tweeted mostly about the fashion, so without further ado here are my two-cents on who I thought were the best dressed...
Oscars Fashion 1
Oscars Fashion 2
Oscars Fashion 3
Gweneth by far was my absolute favorite, with Camilla right behind - STUNNING! Next year for sure I'm having a party!!!

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  1. I always enjoy the red carpet, and I have to agree with your picks. All of the above look wonderful. Matthew Mcconaughey's wife is drop dead gorgeous!!!!


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