Wednesday, March 2, 2011

{Sweet Paul Spring Issue Is Here}

The spring issue of Sweet Paul is now available for viewing and it's times like these, flipping page after page, that I wish I had kids. This issue is really chugged full of AHHHH-mazing kid-friendly recipes and project ideas. My ultimate fave spread in the issue is called In The Box - basically it shows you how to make the coolest play spaces all by using a plain old brown box. When I saw all the creative possibilities I definitely had a "why didn't I think of that" moment. Here's the spread - but you just gotta take a look at the entire issue, here, to see all the goodies and inspiration. Enjoy!
In The Box 1
In The Box 2
In The Box 3
Click here to get the instructions for how to make these brilliant boxed play spaces. For those of you that have kids, is this something that you could see yourself making with your kids? I'm so jealous.......kind of {lol}!

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  1. Jessica - If you really have the urge to create one of these great ideas...just pretend Hank & Ellie are yours! Tracy


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