Friday, March 20, 2015

Hola + Friday Finds

Recycled Jars for Flowers
Hey loves! As you can tell I've been pulled from the blog and while I definitely miss being on here - amazing things are happening behind the scenes. I'm neck-high in B-School, working on a few new business ventures, fulfilling orders, trying to keep up with social media and marketing, and slowy figuring out how to develop a website. I so wish I had the money to have the lovely ladies over at Go Live HQ develop my site for me, because I know exactly what I want, and they would be able to create it in 2 DAYS!!! Man would that be genius - but until that angel investor comes along, I gotta figure this ish out. 

Yesterday I launched sample sizes (2oz.) of my body scrubs. This is the perfect size to try all of my scents and a great size to give away as a gift. For those that have ordered the full size (8oz.) scrub, the picture above shows how I have recycled my jar after I used all of my scrub. Cute right? Simply soak your jar in hot water and the label should side right off. If not, just use a little elbow grease and it will come off in no time!

Screen Shot 2014-05-29 at 10.18.00 AM
1. There's only a few of you out there that knows how much I neeeeed this mug.  A question was answered last night when I saw this pretty lady.

2. Shrimp tacos + boom boom sauce. You're welcome. That sauce is everything!!!

3. This reclaimed wood toilet paper holder - love it! Great for a loft apartment or a man's bathroom!

4. This bag makes me want to do a cartwheel and finish with the splits. Where oh where do I find it?

5. The ultimate treehouse - don't you agree? While I wouldn't consider myself an outdoorsy person - you wouldn't be able to pull me out of here!

6. Nashville Hot Fried Chicken - now admit it, you licked the screen didn't you? lol!!!

7. The Oprah and Deepak Meditation Challenge is currently going on and wow is it powerful and enlightening. It's FREE and you still have time to catch up. I promise if you simply listen to one meditation - you'll be hooked! What an amazing way to start your day!

Enjoy your weekend loves!!

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  1. I would check Etsy for that gorgeous clutch bag. There are some fantastic leather goods makers. If you don't see a clutch exactly like the one in the photo, I'd bet someone would make it custom. Martha Stewart Living also showcases American Made products and companies--there are some leather goods companies listed there as well.


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