Thursday, February 12, 2015

I Have To Be Successful - I Like Expensive Shit

I will always have that inner shop-aholic in me, it's my drug and nothing gives me more of a high than spending a full day shopping and walking out with both hands full of my purchases. But life has changed drastically for me over the last few months and now I have to be more mindful with my spending. Every single cent that I've made in the shop I have put right back into the business - whether it's supplies, classes, enrolling into B-School next week (YAY!!!!! more on that later), to funding the valentine gifts. I love that the business is funding the business and I don't have to use my personal savings at all. However, moving forward, while I will continue to put my profits back into the business, if I happen to surpass a sales goal for the week or month, I am going to allow myself to take some of the money to treat myself. Right? That's ok to do, right?
Current Wish List
USPS Home Label Printer - I can't even begin to tell you how amazing this would be. With it I could simply print the my shipping labels and leave all of my orders for the mailman to pick up at my front door. While I actually like going to the post office (they know me by name and they know I'm shipping first-class with tracking, lol), this would save so much time!

Meditation has gotten me through is getting me through some shit and it is truly changing the way that I think, live, and respond to different situations. This small meditation pyramid can be placed on your desk or nightstand and used to remove negative patterns or habits to truly heal your mind, body and emotions. There are some enormous versions of these out there and they kind of freak me out (like people sit in them and even place their beds inside of them, yikes) but I like this one because it's small, will have the same healing power, and to top it off, makes a chic decor piece!

This SMEG toaster...because its cool and it would look cool on my counter. Clearly I don't need this.

I've had the same type of bulky watch for years and I would really like to switch things up and get something a little more timeless and sleek. I've been obsessing over this Daniel Wellington watch for some time now, and if I surpass the big sales goal I have for the month of March (while I should clearly buy the label maker first) - this baby will be mine.

Eileen Fisher can do no wrong when it comes to classic, minimalist, and comfy clothes. These harems are the perfect casual lounge pant that I need in my closet. Now if they could just go on a big sale, I would push the buy now button.

Not so bad right? So entertain me - what items do you have on your wish list?

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  1. Valentino Rockstud pumps - completely ridiculous given the hefty price tag but I have been stalking on Ebay for months waiting for the day when I pull the trigger.


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