Friday, February 13, 2015

Weekend Plans + Friday Finds

I’ve always loved Valentine’s Day, but this year I'm not going to lie - it stings a little bit. This year I sent out 21 valentine boxes and before I took them to the post office, I prayed over each of them separately and then collectively that 1) they would arrive to each person on time and undamaged and 2) that according to God's will, the love put into each box be returned to me. I wanted to pray for specifics, but instead I've learned to just pray for the highest good. That prayer is getting me through this weekend because while my Valentine's day may not be what I've always dreamed one to be, I know (or at least hope) that if even for a few minutes, the boxes that were sent will brighten 21 of your days tomorrow. And that makes me really really happy!
Screen Shot 2014-05-29 at 10.17.42 AM
This weekend is going to be a weekend of self-indulgence and self-love and I'm really looking forward to it. It will be filled with pizza, ice cream, scary movies (pray for me), wine, manicure/pedicure, and a long candle-lit bubble bath. 

I created the mug shown below a few weeks ago - it reads "Make damn sure you're in love with yourself first". I literally drink everything out of this mug as it reminds me that the most important relationship that I should be in is with myself. If you would like one, let me know!!
Screen Shot 2014-05-29 at 10.18.00 AM
1. Pistachio Cake with Lemon, Cardamom, and Rose Water - I've been obsessed with pistachio ever since I went to Italy. Pistachio gelato was pretty much what I lived on, and if this cake tastes anywhere near as good - I'm in trouble.

2. What is your practice? As you know, mine has been meditating and I can't even tell you the wonders it has done in my life. Oh don't think this is the only time I'm going to talk about it, because I have lots to say, but I'm still learning. In the interim - she says it perfectly!

3. My favorite Instagram post of the week - social media and society. Please read every word.

4. Remember yesterday's post where I talked about my wish list and sales goals? Well last week I surpassed my sales goal big time, and I said if I made it, I was going to buy these sneakers. Last night I customized my own pair and I can't wait to get them (I have to wait 5 weeks for them to be made though)!!!

5.  Have you ever looked at my Women Who Rock Pinterest page? If not, you should as there are some absolutely inspiring women on there and they deserve to be celebrated. Many are ones you may know - others are those that you should get to know!

6. I miss the dynamics of working in a office. NO that doesn't mean I want to go back to corporate - I just miss being with people during the day and having others to bounce ideas off of. I have been thinking quietly (and now I'm putting it out there in the universe) to open a work space for entrepreneurs to work in (similar to this space). As I don't know what city I'll eventually move to and stay planted in, this idea is more for the future - but I'm thinking a big bright loft with lots of windows, a brick wall, and a stress reliever room like this. Ok Universe....go!!

Enjoy your weekend loves!!! xoxo


  1. I received my box last night and Instagramed it right away! It was amazing and I am wearing the necklace today at work and got so many compliments. Thanks again for your thoughtful gift!

    1. You are sooo welcome! Thank you for the years of support - you're the best!

  2. Wow so excited for the things to come...had no there were buildings like that. That's awesome. I think you should do it. Reading your blog as well as watching talk shows is helping me grow a little into a woman. It's inspiring and motivating and relaxing? All at the same time haha thank you for your blog. Glad you're back :)

    1. I so love hearing this - thank you! Many times I wonder if anyone is out there, so THANK YOU!!! :-) xoxo


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