Thursday, January 8, 2015

My Visit to Le Labo New York

Two weeks before I left New York, one of my closest friends came to visit and one of the shops that we both really wanted to go to (as we're both addicted to fragrances, yet have completely different taste in perfumes) was Le Labo. This store has been on my New York bucket list for a couple of years and boy what a luxe experience we had!
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Immediately walking into Le Labo, you’re met with sensory overload - in the best way possible! The small bottles of ingredients lining the shelves of Le Labo's boutiques are perhaps the first indication that customers are in for a very different, much more personal purchase. In order to ensure freshness, everything at Labo is made to order right in front of you. 
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What you get when you purchase a crafted, well-balanced fragrance like those Le Labo creates, is an emotional connection to a brand. Le Labo has such a loyal following because the founders skimp on nothing. Rose 31, for example, features rose petals plucked by hand in Grasse, France which cost a few hundred thousand dollars a kilo. As one of the few companies in the niche, Le Labo aims to create perfumes focusing on a higher quality of experience, one that will not only smell richer but also last longer.
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After smelling every single fragrance in the store, oddly enough both my friend and I decided to go with the Ambrette 9 (the number next to the fragrance indicates the quantity of ingredients/notes present in the scent). Us purchasing the same fragrance never happens, but for some reason the notes in Ambrette 9 won us both over. It is definitely the lightest of all the Le Labo fragrances, but I wanted to start off with a softer scent and then work my way up to the Santal 26.

Le Labo is the ultimate luxury, whether you’re treating your body or your home, it’s amazing how confident and sophisticated you’ll feel walking out of there with such a mature and luxurious scent on your skin. And if anyone ever tells you different, riddle them this: “Beware of those who have no weakness for women and perfumes.”

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