Friday, January 9, 2015

Weekend Plans + Friday Finds

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This weekend I really want to spend some time to relax. Now that the holidays are over and I've been working really hard on a lot of upcoming projects, I want to take this weekend to do some things for myself, starting with:
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I dream of the day when someone brings me breakfast in bed - but until then, this weekend I'm going to make breakfast and bring it back to bed to eat it while watching cartoons. Gosh I don't know what cartoons are even on these days - would love to catch some good ol Tom and Jerry!
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I love spending time at Barnes and Noble, mainly because I can always grab a Starbucks while searching through the aisles - but this weekend I want to go and spend some time at our local library. I like buying books as I have this dream to have my own personal library one day - but I think I will renew my library card and check out a few.
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When is the last time you've taken a long leisurely bath? I wish I had one of those trays shown above, but I will improvise and take in my book, poor a glass of wine, light some candles, turn on some music and just soak. Ahhh.....I'm so looking forward to this relaxing weekend!
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1. Umm...yum! Baked Chilaquiles with Black Beans and Kale

2. If you're a blogger - check out these questions - do you have a blog plan for 2015?

3. 3 reasons why people change!

4. A realistic alternative to New Year's resolutions

5. Free #GIRLBOSS printables - love these and will be printing.

Enjoy your weekend!!!

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