Thursday, May 29, 2014

Decor: Major Style in Small Corner Spaces

Ever since moving to New York, I have come to like small spaces (not that I really have a choice). I thought that living in a smaller space would mean that I would want to acquire less, but instead I find myself trying to figure out how I can shove more stuff in. As learning how to maximize your space is an art, and something that I am still working on, I thought today I would show you (and me) how to add major style in the smallest of all spaces - the corners. 
How to Decorate Small Corner Spaces
Below I have provided you with a few tips and tricks for how you can add your own personal style while taking full advantage of the space functionality. As an overall tip for small spaces, think vertically. Whether you’re hanging art or shelves, or placing furniture, don’t let vertical space go to waste. Using it is practical and it also draws the eye up, making the space feel more expansive than it actually is.  

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