Friday, May 30, 2014

Weekend Plans + Friday Finds

TGIF Peeps! Well actually since I'm currently having some "time in between jobs", all my days seem like Friday, or one big long weekend. However, the best part about the real weekend is that everyone else isn't working and is available to hang out and have some fun. I'm enjoying every bit of this freedom because in just a little while it will be back to reality for me. 
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Have you ever had one of those weekends where you just don't know what you want or plan to do? That's how I am this weekend. The only one thing that I would like to do is go to Madison Square Eats (a semi-annual pop-up local foodie market in the Flatiron district) as this is the last weekend its going to be around until the fall. Other than that - I think this is going to be a "play it by ear" kind of weekend. I'll be posting my whereabouts on Instagram - so follow me there!

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1. We say we want more time off, but most of us don’t use all of our vacation time. Read why taking a vacation can make you better at your job.

3. The grace to evolve. This is very true - note to self.

4. Loving this super cute beach bag from Zara - a definite must buy!

Let's face it - we're all addicted to the computer, so as you are clicking away - if you happen to find something too good not to share, comment below or send me an email - I'm always down for a good find.

Enjoy your weekend loves!

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