Monday, February 3, 2014

{Packaging: A Lovely Bouquet}

Today I thought I would share something that I've started to absolutely love doing, which is bringing pretty bouquets to friends and family when I visit. It's just such a classy touch to arrive with some sweet flowers, and it makes you feel all sorts of grown-up. Plus, when you add your own spin on the packaging, things get even more special. I've laid out a pretty quick and easy way to wrap up that bouquet (by ditching those non-eco-friendly plastic wrapping flowers come in) to bring over to your girlfriend's house, or for someone who might need a little pick-me-up.
flower 1

Flower 2c
Screen Shot 2014-02-02 at 6.39.09 PM
1. Purchase flowers
2. Measure the kraft wrapping paper to the length of the flowers
3. Cut the paper on an angle so that it will easily wrap around the flowers
4. Once you have cut the paper, lay it flat so that you can decorate the paper to your liking
5. Decorate your paper using paint, or markers, crayons...whatever you chose, and let dry
6. Wrap the flowers! Once you get them rolled up and looking spiffy, tape the outside of the paper.  (at this point I also removed the plastic the flowers originally came in). Tie your twine or ribbon around the middle of the bouquet, and tie it tight, enough that it stays on.

Et voila! Bring these to your bestie, as a present, or just to add some sparkle to someone's day.

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