Tuesday, February 19, 2013

{Leather and Leopard Shopping Spree}

Hey Peeps! How was your extra long weekend? I tell ya - if I had a 3-day weekend every week, I would be a much better employee at the day job. That extra day really makes you feel like you had a break. You agree? Over the weekend I did a little shopping - well maybe more than a little - as I needed to replace a few staples and let's be honest - I needed some therapy. As you call tell, I have a little trend going on here (not on purpose - I honestly didn't realize it until I got everything home)...but after thinking about it, there is a method to my madness:
leather and leopard
Black Leather Booties: these can go with everything and a perfect heel to wear around the city - these will be my new staples

Leopard Booties: cute to wear with jeans, skirts, dresses - everything, and again the heel is perfect

Black Leather Jacket: I usually gravitate towards brown leather and have never owned a black leather jacket - so this allows me to switch things up a bit

Black Leather Moto Booties: perfect trucking it around the city casual boots

Grey Sweatshirt: you can dress this up (yep I said dress it up) or keep in casual. Stay tuned for a post on how you can do both.

Leopard Flats: who doesn't need these? I've worn my current ones into the ground, so it was time to replace them.

So what do you think? Some good finds right?


  1. I'm diggin the leopard booties. Nice staples.

  2. The styling and color are very good.Really gorgeous leather jackets offered at cwmalls.com. Very well made and stitching is nice.

  3. Donde esta Ms. Jessica? I miss your posts. Hope all is well with you! :)



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