Thursday, February 14, 2013

{Happy Love Day}

Happy Valentine's Day to all of the lovely couples and single ladies and gents out there!!! I'm sure you already have plans to celebrate this day of love, but just in case you don't, check out a list of Valentine's Day Do's and Don'ts below:
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The Do's and Don'ts of How To Handle Valentine's Day {borrowed from the ladies at Rue Magazine}

ALL THE SINGLE LADIES: Sure, Valentine’s Day is marketed as a day for couples but really, it can be the ideal day to celebrate no matter what your relationshop status.

DO: Get your gals together. Take a page out of Leslie Knope’s playbook and host a Galentine’s Day, either on or around Valentine’s Day. Whatever you and your friends most like doing together is the perfect activity for the day, but take a minute to recognize the women (and men, if you want!) whose friendship means so much to you. Write each a little note and give out small treats, like candles or cookies from a local bakery. Or....just go out for drinks (that's what I'm doing!)

DON’T: Give in to feeling alone. By surrounding yourself with people who care about you, you won’t have a chance to!

NEWLY COUPLED: Valentine’s Day can be most exciting for those in a new relationship, but it can be stressful as well. Cut the stress but keep the butterfly in the stomach feeling with our hard-learned tips.

DO: Give small, inexpensive but thoughtful gifts. Let your partner know that you are excited to spend the day together and offer to plan part of the event. Even fairly straightforward hints can be missed, so let go of the details and “perfect day” ideas and just enjoy each surprise as it comes.

DON’T: Put too much expectation on the day. Laugh off hiccups like overcrowded restaurants and focus on the quality company. And for the sake of your single friends, try to keep your excitement about the day to a low simmer until they ask for details.

LONG-TERM SWEETIES: Once in an established long-term relationship, all but the most romantic of us often let Valentine’s Day slide. Not this year.

DO: Do something. Don’t miss the day altogether. If you’re feeling in a rut, go all out this once or if you just need a bit of a change, make the day a little bit extra special. We suggest cooking at home together or treating yourselves to a couples massage. Skip the gifts but focus on quality time together.

DON’T: Plan alone. The great part of long-term relationships is communication so get on the same page about what would make a memorable night and enjoy it!

No matter your status - just enjoy the day!

Love you more!!!

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