Friday, July 6, 2012

{TGIF Peeps!}

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Happy Weekend Loves! Would you believe that yet again, me and my sisters are back to IKEA this weekend? So long story short - we purchased a "TV cabinet" last weekend for our living room (which was actually a dresser), lugged it all the way home, spent 3.5 hours putting it together, all to find out that our sofa bed wouldn't fully pull out because of the "cabinet". Out of pure frusturation, we both went to bed and decided the following morning that we had to sell it on Craigslist because there was NO WAY on God's green earth we were taking that thing back to IKEA. 
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Lucky us we sold it at full price and now, again, we are back to IKEA for a much better and practical option. I promise promise promise to post pics - promise. While the apartment won't be perfect, we're trying to get it as presentable as possible because my mom and aunt are coming to visit on Thursday for a long weekend in the city. Other than getting the house together (I've been saying that for a month now, huh?), and our itinerary planned for next weekend, I hope to get out and have some fun in the city. We're honestly sick and tired of trying to perfect this apartment - we need a b-r-e-a-k! So what's on your weekend plans? Is it ridiculously hot where you are, like it is here in NYC?

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- Apple cider pancakes - oh mannnn.... while I would love to say that I'm going to make these this weekend, I can't splurge the calories.

- I've decided to grow out my hair and this is the exact cut that I want. I'm hoping by Decemeber. You like?

- Riesling Strawberry Slushies - looks refreshing...and simple to make

- I need one of each of these sandals...

Enjoy your weekend Peeps!
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