Wednesday, July 4, 2012

{Has She Fallen Off The Face Of The Earth?}

Hey Peeps! Sorry for the lack of posts this week. I'm trying to figure out this new photoshop on my computer, and I'm failing miserably. So bare with me as we I try and learn via YouTube - and until then, here's a little update...

Life in NYC has been great and again I learn new lessons everyday. Want to hear a few more? Ok, here we go:

1. NYC is extremely pet friendly, but their grooming prices are not. I paid a freakin $98 to get Addison cut on Sunday, can you believe that? Oh, I was heated and vowed that moving forward, no more cute little grooming shops within walking distance of my to PetsMart we go. $98....hmph.

2. I just watched "Shit New Yorkers Say" and realized that while I've only been here a little over 3 weeks, I've already said "Ugh... tourists" and "Where's the train?" and "oh yea, I've read that in Time Out". Guess I'm fitting right in...

3. Speaking of Time Out - it's like a weekly bible of knowing what's going on in the city. I get excited every week to see the magazine sitting in the mailbox. My mom and aunt are coming to visit next week, so me and my sisters are using the mag to plan the itinerary for the weekend. Can't wait!

4. While in the cab the other day, the driver gave me some great advice about living in NYC, he said "be patient - and tough" - I smiled, said thank you that was wonderful advice, and gave him a very nice tip.

5. People complain that New Yorkers are rude, which I've learned is not true. New Yorkers are just busy, and they cannot tolerate dawdling. And that's a challenge, because the city is a choose-your-own-adventure game of constant decisions: cab or subway? subway or walk? tall or grande? Which do you want? Answer now!

6. I know I've said this already, but light clothing due to the heat is a must must must. I purchased the items from Anthropologie that I posted last week, but am in need of so much more. Typically I wouldn't think a sweater would be practical, but stumbling upon these lovely handmade sweaters {made by Etsy artist The Knit Kid}, I'm wondering if I could pull it off....they seem fairly light right?
sweaters 4
sweaters 2
sweaters 3
A tad pricey, but I really love them and feel because they are handmade, splurging on one could be worth it... Jessica Signature

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