Friday, June 29, 2012

{TGIF Peeps}

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Happy Weekend Peeps!!! I'm so excited that today is it sad that I live for the weekends and my own free time? I was talking to a co-worker yesterday and said that if I had 3-day weekends every week, I would be a much better employee, lol, don't you agree? I really don't have any plans (other than going to IKEA to take some shelving back, and to purchase a TV cabinet) that are set in stone yet, but that's the beauty of living in NYC - there's always something to do and usually it's just a stone's throw away. One thing I know for sure that I want to do is get some exercise in - running at the Hudson, a yoga class, a bike ride through Central Park, maybe walk across the Brooklyn Bridge... something. new york I've been walking to work all this week, instead of taking the train, as no matter which I decide to do it's 20 minutes. A 20-minute walk, or a 20-minute total train commute. As the weather has been mild this week, I've opted to walk and I love it. Everyday I'm finding something new, and try to take a different way each time. So while I'm getting a lot of walking in during the day, I need to get back to a full exercise regimen in the evenings. Other than that, doing some cleaning and decorating around the house, I'm going to allow the weekend to play itself for me....let's see what I get usual, follow me on Instagram!

link lovin
- Check out this DIY cone studded bracelet, I so want to make this - just need to find the studs...
- I think I found the tattoo I want to get - so simple, hidden, a little chic - what do you think?
- I am so in love with this saying....can I get a WORD?
- I haven't had a chance to check out the new issue of Rue yet - but I'm sure it's amazing as usual. Definitely going to be a weekend read with some wine...
- I finally purchased my Mid-West shirt - gotta represent my roots in the NYC
- Uhhhhh....yea, I'm going to see this {forgot to add this to my weekend plans}

Enjoy your weekend Peeps!
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