Tuesday, February 28, 2012

{Food For Thought Tuesdays: Raiding My Fridge}

On this journey that I've decided to take to a healthy body and lifestyle, I've learned so much about my body and the food that I decide to put into it. I am still following the Weight Watchers points+ program by counting my daily points, drinking 6+ glasses of water, and getting in lots of exercise, but in my quest to become more educated about this healthy lifestyle, I've decided to change things up a little. I have eliminated processed food from my diet, and have decreased my sugar and carb intake - I now fill up on fish, chicken, fruits, veggies, and what they call super foods

Over the weekend I went grocery shopping and my refrigerator {below} is looking quite colorful and…. really full. 6 months ago, it looked nothing like this and my pantry and freezer were chugged full of processed meals. While processed meals can be made in minutes and usually are light on the wallet {ie. 5 frozen 'lean' meals for $10} - they are notorious for being absent of fiber. I mean, there is little to no fiber in processed foods at all. What is fiber? It’s a substance in our food that your system is unable to digest, but it serves a very important purpose. Because the digestive system is unable to do anything with it, it basically serves the purpose of cleaning out your digestive tract and pushing the food out of your intestines into your colon… eventually leaving your system. Yes, that means it helps you poop. {click here for a list of foods that are high in fiber}

Think about it – all the food you take in, how much actually comes out? How much of it is still sitting in your intestines? Yuck. Take a look at where your digestive system sits - right in that area that us women obsess about - the stomach.

In my refrigerator I've decided to stick with those types of foods that will give me the appropriate amount of fiber and nutrients needed and are foods that are going to keep me full and satisfied longer throughout the day. My ultimate goal is to mainly intake foods with only one ingredient - think about it...
Refridgerator Raid
1. Shrimp | 2. Salmon | 3. Bacon {we'll talk about bacon vs. turkey bacon in the coming weeks} | 4. Blueberries | 5. Onion | 6. Strawberries | 7. Red pepper | 8. Avocado | 9. Garlic | 10. Cabbage | 11. Eggs | 12. Greek yogurt | 13. Pears | 14. Kiwi | 15. Babybel light cheese | 16. Goat cheese crumbles | 17. Hummus | 18. Shredded cheddar cheese | 19. Mushrooms | 20. Blood oranges | 21. Ephemere beer {we all have to splurge every once in a while, and this is my fave} | 22. Mich Ultra {I said we have to splurge every once in a while, lol} | 23. Brussel sprouts | 24. Sweet potatoes | 25. Kale | 26. Broccoli | 27. Apples | 28. Lentils | 29. Arugula | 30. Asparagus

Once you have plenty of fresh foods at home, set a time to cook and prepare your meals. This day for me is usually on Sundays where I prepare 2 - 3 meals at a time, utilizing my freezer to separate appropriate portions and store the overages. By planning your meals and making time to purchase the right types of foods, you too can eat healthier and lose weight. 



  1. Your fridge looks awesome! I was doing great until we had a party this weekend (too much sugar) but oh well I am back on track now! I meant to comment the other day on your twitter pic... you look beautiful! I just wanted to share, I am always trying to get as much fiber as possible so now I use flax meal and add it to almost everything I cook like my turkey chili and turkey taco's... etc. You cannot even taste it and it adds so much fiber! I buy Bob's Red Mill ground Flaxseed Meal, here is a link to some info on it http://lowcarbdiets.about.com/od/whattoeat/a/flaxinfo.htm
    You are doing awesome and you look fabulous... keep it up girl!

  2. Awww thank you Jess, I really appreciate your compliment and support! I will definitely have to try the Bob's flaxseed. I think I've seen that brand at Trader Joe's - I'll definitely pick it up this weekend. Thanks for the tip!


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