Monday, February 27, 2012

{Oscar Best Dressed Recap}

Yay!!!!! The Artist won - wooohooo - so well deserved!!! I've been saying this for some time now - go see it, you will not be disappointed! So did you guys watch the Oscar's last night? As you know I watched most of the nominated movies before the awards and it really made watching them more enjoyable. If you followed me on Twitter last night you know that I tweeted throughout the show, mostly about the fashion {ie. "I love Michelle Williams' hair", "I'm striving for Viola Davis' arms", "I can't believe P.Diddy has his own lent roller assistant", "shave the stash Bradley Cooper","Yay Octavia!!!", "Emma Stone is hilarious", and "Yay The Artist Wins"}, so without further ado here are my  best dressed picks...
Oscars 2012 - best dressed
Oscars 2012 - best dressed 2
Oscars 2012 - best couples
Gwyneth by far was my absolute favorite, with Jennifer Lopez right behind - STUNNING! Who were your faves of the night?


  1. I might be a little committed to getting Jlo's rocking gown even though I have no where to wear it too.

  2. Loved the Oscars last night- we even had a mini viewing party at my house! My favorites were Sandra Bullock, Jessica Chastain, and Rose Bryn. Emma Stone and Tina Fey were close runners up though!


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