Friday, January 6, 2012

{TGIF Peeps}

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Link Lovin
Check out some of the links that I've been lovin' on this week:

~ I've been talking a lot about my journey on Weight Watchers - so for those of you that don't follow me on Facebook or Twitter {shame on you}, I thought I would share a pic of me 28 pounds down. I've got a ways to go, but I'm getting there.
~ Cheddar & caramel popcorn recipe - check it
~ Rockstar Diaries - there's something about this blog that keeps me coming back - check it out - such a cute little family...
~ West Elm - oh how I love thee. A couple of things I have my eye on - this and this
~ Email is good but parcels and post are better. As a result I want one of these stamps!
~ The new issue of Matchbook Magazine is live - be sure to check it out as you're relaxing this weekend!

Enjoy your weekend Peeps!


  1. Jessica,
    can we talk about how fabulous you are in that picture!? no matter your weight, you are a rockstar with impeccable taste (that skirt is to die for!)

    Thanks again for you amazing link round-up, I always find inspiration here!

  2. Jess you are too sweet! THANK YOU!!! :-)

  3. I'm still following your blog, though silently, over the last few months. Keep up with the WW! As you know, it really works. I lost 50 lbs and I'm thinking of starting it up again. I need to be more vocal on your blog, because I think we could be great friends. Ha.

  4. Hi Leesh! Nice to meet you! I think I could get over you being a Michigan fan LOL (as I'm a HUGE Ohio State Buckeye fan) - but I agree I can tell we would be fast friends. Congrats on your weight loss - I'm such a huge fan of Weight Watchers - it definitely works. Don't be a stranger and enjoy your weekend! :-)

  5. Hi Jess! You look AAAmmmazing! I'm so proud of you. Can a blog follower be proud? You are working it out not only with the weight loss but also with the glamor. And while I'm at it, I'm still dreaming about a decor update on your place. I imagine it to be just as fabulous as you!

  6. Hi Hope! THANK YOU!!!!! :-) You bring up a good point. Stay tuned for a few posts on my apartment decor. I'm on the search for another camera, but once I find one I will get on that. Thanks for the reminder. Enjoy your weekend!


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