Monday, January 9, 2012

{Adding In Color}

Color isn't something that I have a lot of in my closet - but I'm trying to do better and branch out of my neutral comfort zone. My sister Tara will be visiting this weekend for her birthday, and of course shopping is on the agenda. As I'm in between sizes right now, it's probably not wise to purchase any pants. But if I happen to find a pair that fits - they're coming home.
Color Pants


  1. I'm never brave enough but all your pins are starting to inspire me.

  2. i"m feeling the red and orange. looking forward to seeing what you all find!

  3. You gotta love Pinterest right. I've found that I have many of the pieces that I pin - it just gives me the inspiration to put everything together! Once I get brave enough - my goal is to start posting my outfits. :-)


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