Sunday, January 1, 2012

{Looking Forward, Looking Back}

happy new year
As I sit here reflecting on the last year, 2011 was certainly trying. While I had a lot of things occur that tested my faith, patience, and health, in the end, 2011 taught me that optimism and positivity do reign supreme. I believe that, in everything, every day is a chance to reach for something greater and that every moment holds opportunities available to enrich our lives. If life is truly 10% what happens to us and 90% how we react to it, we essentially have two choices when we wake each morning: we can either be someone who lets difficulty defeat us or be someone who recognizes that it is our attitude, or our passion, that will take us to the next level. I'm blessed to have gone through all I have this year as it has definitely made me stronger and ready to face all the delicious things that are in store for me in 2012. So in preparation - I'm keeping my goals this year pretty simple - take care of my health, my finances, and my spirituality, as I believe everything else will fall into place. So here it goes:

1. Continue on my journey of a healthy life and body by:
- continuing my success with Weight Watchers (tracking what I eat & drinking lots of water)
- continuing my fitness training with my trainer and by running more
- minimizing salt and sugar intake
- eating mainly whole, local, and organic foods 

2. Travel more.  
I didn't go on a big trip in 2011 as I was still recovering from my 2010 trip to Italy. This year I would like to go on a cruise, and take several weekend trips to NYC and the beach.

3. Spend less. Save more.
While you know I love to shop - this year I'm going to try and be more mindful and less impulsive. The goal is quality over quantity - and a bigger bank account.

4. Exfoliate anything and anyone that isn’t serving a positive purpose in my life.
As I spent several hours in the car over the holidays, I listened to many of Oprah's Life classes. The class that resonated with me the most was the one on Putting Out Positive Energy. I learned that we are all responsible for our own causes and the energy we put into the world. When you do a loving thing, when you put out positive energy, you feel happy. This is how human beings are wired. So the goal is not to put out positive energy in order to get some positive energy back. The goal is to put out positive energy and feel positive about your life. That's where the work is.

5. Push myself past the scary bits more often and not let comfort and complacency hold me back from really exciting places on the horizon. 
Another Life class of Oprah's that spoke to me was the one on Stepping Out of the Box. It talked about what keeps you from leaving your comfort zone and how a sense of adventure is really about waking up every day not with a sense of dread but with a sense of possibility. Most of us are extremely fearful about life, we're constantly trying to protect and defend ourselves. This year the goal is to build up my sense of self-reliance and enjoy the possibilities.

I feel so much gratitude for being able to blog. Thank you so much for the support this year and here's to a happy 2012!
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