Thursday, December 15, 2011

{It's All About The Packaging}

Within this post I was supposed to include a picture of the wrapping I'm doing this Christmas - but based on my post from yesterday (work is mad crazy) I haven't had time to do any wrapping. So until the weekend - I'll leave you with a few creative ideas for your Christmas wrapping this year:
2011 christmas wrapping
- You know me and stripes - so of course I scoured the net trying to find this exact wrapping, and I found it here, but then ended up going with the packaging that I will show you next week. 

- I love everything about that patent black wrapping paper above with the gold and fuchsia ribbon and charmed brooch - I'm telling you if I got a package that looked like this, I wouldn't want to open it - so vintage-y!

- For you newbies - the bottom pic is my wrapping from last year. Click here to go back to the post.

Glitter ribbon - I need some of that!

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