Monday, December 20, 2010

{Christmas Wrapping: Brown Paper Packages...}

As you know ~ me and my sisters always compete to see who will have the best Christmas wrapping under the tree. I've been planning what my wrapping would look like for several weeks now and this weekend I got all of my wrapping done and I have to say that I love it! This year I wanted to go with  the brown craft packaging paper but wanted to add a modern twist to it. Below I have provided the step by step process and I must say that it was super cheap...super easy {and when I say easy I mean you don't have to have a single artistic bone in your body to pull this one off}, and really fun. Eat your heart out Martha...
Christmas Wrapping 15
Christmas Wrapping 2
Christmas Wrapping 3
Christmas Wrapping 4
Christmas Wrapping 5
Christmas Wrapping 6
Christmas Wrapping 7
Christmas Wrapping 8
Christmas Wrapping 9
Christmas Wrapping 10
Christmas Wrapping 11
Christmas Wrapping 12
Christmas Wrapping 13
Christmas Wrapping Finished Product
Christmas Wrapping 15
Christmas Wrapping 16
So.....what do you think? Easy right?
Final Signature


  1. Looks great! I'm using brown kraft paper too but went with a red and white them. I love getting creative with wrapping and saving money too!

  2. Wow J! That looks amazing! hm..which one is mine???

  3. Wow! Really pretty. I'm assuming the price on the sequin is a typo. $79 or .79/yrd?

  4. these are so pretty ... and look really easy as well. great job!

  5. Thanks everyone!!!! And yes Leah it was $.79 a roll - whoa that would have been some expensive sequin, lol!!

    Happy Holidays all! :-)

  6. absolutely lovely! so creative and very budget friendly :)


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