Tuesday, November 15, 2011

{For My Raleigh Peeps: Fave Restaurants}

The question "where should we go to eat" is a question I have to answer at least once a week, and while I’m sure I have talked about almost all of these places, I have decided to start doing little food guides of my go-to spots and what I like to order there. And for those of you that don't live in Raleigh, use this as a guide for when you come to visit {hint hint - you know who you are}...
Favorite Raleigh Restaurants 1

Favorite Raleigh Restaurants 2
These are just four of my many favorite restaurants here in Raleigh - stay tuned for several more. For those that live here {or visited} what are some of your favorite breakfast restaurants?


  1. Have you ever had a milkshake at Chuck's? Usually, I don't order milkshakes, but the fact that there is an "add alcohol" option, intrigued me. I was not disapointed, in fact, I was completely smitten with my milkshake. On the topic of beverages, Cafe Helios is a must for me. I love their honey lattes. A couple of weekends ago I had ridiculously awesome pumpkin pancakes.

  2. First- the layout of this post looks great! Second- I have to give a shout-out to NoFo's ridiculous Avocado BLT... bacon, lettuce, tomato, avocado, brie, pepper jelly on grilled hawaiian bread. I'd take it any day of the week!

  3. Susan - I was ever so tempted to order the milkshake (the salted peanut butter one to be exact) but I was good and stuck with water. The burger was DELICIOUS though, and next time....I will order the milkshake. Thanks for the nod of approval. I haven't been to Cafe Helios - but pumpkin pancakes - yep, I'm there!

  4. Thanks Andrea!! And you know I'm a fan of the Avocado BLT - in fact we need to go there real soon!!

  5. I want that sandwich from NOFO and a slice of pie from Pie Bird!!!!

  6. Ros - Saturday sounds like a good day to make your wish come true! :-)

  7. oh i love beasley's. i just had lunch there on saturday. pie birds is great too. but i think next time ill just spend the bucks on pie and coffee.

    rozz, yes! nofo is amazing.

    jessica, dont forget the pit!

  8. Oh yes - The Pit is definitely going in the lineup! LOVE that place...


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