Thursday, November 4, 2010

{Making A List And Checking It Twice...}

I know it's early but if the malls can start putting up Christmas decorations in October - I can start talking about wish lists! My family LOVES Christmas, and my parents still require me and my sisters to create Christmas wish lists. Most people can't believe we still do this, being that we're between the ages of 23 and {clearing throat}, but I partially think it's because my parents don't have any grandchildren yet, so the focus is still on us {which we love}. Believe it or not, we have a deadline of this Friday to get our lists in - and the pressure is on!

During the holidays, we {as in mostly me} get very competitive with how we present our Christmas lists {adding clip art, borders, etc} all the way down to the actual wrapping of the gifts. So in pure Flourish fashion I did a little research and found some templates that I'm thinking about using for my list presentation. Now if you're anything like my crazy, tradition-loving family, and you also create lists for Christmas {or even if you want to start a new tradition} I've included the links below for you to print these FREE templates:
christmas list printables 1
{Click here to print a pdf of this template}

Christmas List Printables 2
{Click any of the following numbers, 1  2  3, to print a pdf of the templates above}

Happy list making {stay tuned for my completed Christmas wish list in the coming weeks...}!!!
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  1. I think your family needs to adopt me, at least for one holiday, so I can experience all these competitive traditions...I love it!

  2. I love this! Perfect timing, too- my mom sent the kids an email last night with no text in the body, just the subject line: begin your Christmas lists!

  3. Addorable!)


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