Wednesday, October 27, 2010

{Gray Days...}

Gray? Grey? I'm not sure but for this post, I'm going with gray - cool? This is no secret, my favorite color is gray. I love gray walls, I want a gray couch, there's a gray rug that I'm dying for, I have tons of gray clothes, and about 3 pairs of gray boots....ok, you get it? I love gray. I think it is one of the best neutrals and looks amazing with basically any color you put with it {especially mustard, another favorite of mine}. I think it’s safe to say that gray is here to stay {cheesy yet true} as it can be classic & tailored, traditionally buttoned up, or super chic. Below are few of amazing gray finds via Etsy - come shop with me...
Gray Days...

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  1. loving this scarf! its similar to the one i found on esty and posted here:

    ... but i like the yellow/gold and gray better!

  2. I just bought this cute coverlet. I thought of you when I got it. But I am pairing mine with raspberry pink instead of mustard.

  3. that makes 2 of us that is obsessed with gray or grey - LOL!!!!

  4. @Elizabeth - I love the scarf you posted, it looks like it's from the same seller. The gray and mustard is definitely going on my Christmas list!

    @Sasha - that's funny that you thought of me when you bought the coverlet, guess it's no secret that I love gray. PS. You're NYC bound - yahoooo!!!

    @stylescoop - you always copy me, I was obsessed with gray first. LOL!!!!


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