Thursday, October 28, 2010

{You're My Cuppy-cake}

Have you ever heard of the Cuppycake song? My mom sent it to me several years ago and from time to time we sing it and laugh hysterically. If you haven't heard it before, check it out here {my fave part is at 0:14 - lol}. Anyway, lately I've had a few reasons to make cupcakes and each time {believe it or not I haven't tasted even one, not even a bite - yay me!} I wish I had something to display them on because you know me, it's all about the presentation. So after doing a quick search I found the following DIY cupcake stand {via Apartment Therapy} that I sooo want to make. It's made of vintage plates and glass candlestick holders held together with epoxy. I think it is adorable.
{For directions on how to make this click here to be directed to Apartment Therapy's site.}

If you aren't into DIY and would rather purchase a stand that someone else handmade, check out these options {via Etsy} below:  
Etsy cupcake stands
Final Signature


  1. I love 1 and 4... black and white with splashes of color... I am always a sucker for that!

  2. Hello there! I am loving exploring your blog, and I absolutely love the DIY cupcake stand photo! This is definitely a fun project to do that I'm eager to share with others! Thanks for posting!


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