Tuesday, September 14, 2010

{Restoration Hardware}

By any chance have you been in the newly renovated Restoration Hardware? I was shocked over the weekend to find a completely new store. I love the look and I've got to give the designers a standing ovation for being so bold to change up their entire line overnight. If I could squeeze in one complaint - the prices are insane, and the scale of some of the items are rather large {for those that live in apartments or small houses} BUT nevertheless, every.single.piece. is simply lovely and fantastic. I have a wish list already started {bedding (click here to see it) and towels not shown below but are always on my Resto wishlist} and lucky for me I have a good friend that works there and gets....wait for it, 40% off!!! Sh-mazing right? Still, I have a lot of saving up to do, but now these items aren't so out of reach for me. Check out the list...
couch and spot lights
{Must have this spot light and tufted couch. The light it $1500 and the couch $3000 - see what I mean about the insanity? But so lovely, right?}
Chaise and lamp
{I've always wanted an Eames classic chair - but I kinda think I love this more. Wouldn't this leather chaise and shiny silver floor lamp be the perfect furniture for a corner reading nook? I want!}
hour glass and rope
{Love these accessories...doesn't the hour clock remind you of when Dorthy was trapped in the tower in the Wizard of Oz? Lol!}
subway art and chalkboard
{You know I am a fan of both subway sign art and chalkboards - so of course I would love these. Again, I could do the look for less - but sometimes I just want the real deal - and I want these...}

Impressive huh? Are you currently standing up giving a slow clap shaking your head from side to side in amazement? Lol!!!
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