Wednesday, September 15, 2010

{Fleabed for My Addy}

I don't know why {well yes I do} but I feel so bad leaving my Addy for 10 days while I'm in Italy.  It gives me a lot of comfort though know that my little sis, Laura, will be here while I'm away to house and Addy-sit for me. Addison LOVES Laura, so I know she will be happy to spend this time with her for 10 days. I wonder if she'll even miss me {insert sad face here}. To make up for my absence, for her  3rd birthday on October 2nd,  I'm doing it up big! In addition to her favorite doggy treats, I'm going to get her a yummy  cupcake so she can make a complete mess over it, and......a new bed {yes, she is a very spoiled doggie}!!! Here are a few that I'm looking at:
fleabag bed
Aren't these adorable?? You know which ones I'm looking at, don't you? Fleabags were born to fill the void of contemporary on-trend dog and cat beds in chic, washable fabrics. In making them, they couldn't forget affordable and most importantly, eco-conscientious. Manufacturing locally in California, minimized their carbon footprint, and special attention was paid to the selection of organic cotton and bamboos.
furbish studio
I'm so loving the gray polka-dots!!! Jamie Meares over at Furbish just unveiled her new line of dog beds. If you live in the Raleigh area, you can visit her amazing shop and may even get a chance to meet her sweet little schnauzer Rowdy

So which bed should I get for my little princess?
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  1. these are amazing! I like the blue one and grey polka dotted one. she's going to be uber excited!!!!


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