Wednesday, September 1, 2010

{Lovin All That Glitters...}

There will probably be many of you that think I'm completely crazy - but I really.really.really want a pair of these glimmering, schmazing, sequin pants. I must admit that it may be a bit much for my current locale - but can't I buy them now and save them for the west coast later? I would so wear these with a white tee, a simple-ish necklace, and my black converse {that I plan to buy} during the day ~ and at night put on a boyfriend blazer and a pair of heels ~ and for all you nay-sayers, yes I could even wear them to my companies Tacky Christmas Sweater Party {LOL}........
Sequin Pants - Isabel

j crew

sequin pants - steps
You think I'm crazy right?
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  1. your not crazy! even though i could not pull them off, i do like them. especially the first 2 pair. in my opinion, with these particular pants, the less puffy, the better!

  2. crazy!!! are you serious?? those pants are could always wear them around the holidays..i like the first pair but something about leggings just dont work for me the second pair is right up my alley..i might have to check on a pair for me..

  3. DEF not crazy! I want a pair with silver/gold mix. They have a skirt @ club monaco but looking for pants. Current crave - although I have many :)


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