Tuesday, August 31, 2010

{Pajamas or T-Shirts?}

I'm not a big pajama wearer - I'm more of my high school cheerleading and marching band {don't judge} vintage t-shirts and shorts kind of girl - but I stumbled across a pair of pj's on Etsy and that started a search that resulted in all of the cuties....
Pink gown
{Pink Love Poppy Gown - this one you could wear as a dress or pjs!}
Cute huh? Gotta love Etsy...
Final Signature


  1. im a big fan of the pink love poppy gown. i usually sleep a little more natural (if you know what i mean). so if we plan on staying in for the evening, i put on my pjs as soon as i get home. this gown is perfect not only for sleeping, but also laying around the house, cooking dinner and modest enough to answer the door in.

  2. these pj's are super cute. genia always says that I should wear better pjs instead of ripped tee's and cut off shorts. LOL! Great ideas!


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