Tuesday, September 7, 2010

{The Countdown Is REALLY On...}

Can you believe I only have 16 days until Italy? It seems so crazy to me because I have been planning and sacrificing for this trip for over a year now. Over the next coming days as my excitement grows, I plan to tie up all the loose ends before I head out of here - like:

~ Make copies of my passport
~ Purchase Euros
~ Purchase one more pair of shoes {Converse}
~ Purchase all the toiletries and little odds and ends I need
~ Find a comfy plane outfit
~ Find a duffel bag small enough to fit in my suitcase and big enough to bring all my goodies back in
~ Decide if I'm going to buy a suitcase with 360 wheels, or just use the one I have
~ Research and map all the restaurants, bars, and shops we want to go to
~ Call my bank to let them know I'm traveling {I don't need them denying any purchases}
~ Take a couple of items to the tailor
~ Prepare my ipod with all the music and movies I need
~ Decide which books I'm taking {man I wish I had an ipad or a Kindle}
~ Call AT&T to add the international data plan to my phone {as a reminder to all my readers, I will not be blogging from Italy but I will be posting pics and updates via my Twitter and Facebook. If you are not a follower - click here and here to keep up with all of my "goings on" while I'm away...}
16 Days Until Italy
{Drawings from Etsy artist Oh The Places}
Whew ~ I've got a lot to do...
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  1. Ooooh nice! You seem to have it under control. Have a great trip!

  2. You forgot a few things!! :D

  3. Download the Kindle app on your phone! It is free, there are some free books, and you won't have to take up any precious room in your suitcase with books!


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