Monday, September 6, 2010

{To Wear White -or not- To Wear White}

According to the gospel of.....uh, me - why wouldn't you wear white after labor day? The "no white after labor day" was pretty much the only fashion rule my mother made us follow, but times have changed. When it comes to fashion, we live in a world of unwritten rules.
White After Labor Day
This doesn’t mean everything is accepted! Please don’t step out in a white sundress. Also, summer fabrics like linen are time to be put on hold until spring. White jeans, however, can be paired with fall colors and styles and still look great. White jeans with a tunic or chunky sweater, a skinny belt, and ballet flats are an easy transition look for early fall. A white boyfriend blazer with dark or black skinny jeans is another great look. Rules were made to be broken! Incorporate white into your fall wardrobe and turn heads. Happy Labor Day Peeps!
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  1. I agree there are many pieces of clothing that are white, that can be fashionable. Linens and stuff, as you mentioned, are no longer acceptable, but a cute blazer or pair of pants for sure!


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