Wednesday, September 8, 2010

{A Bunch of Randomness...}

I'm feeling a little random this morning, so my post today is going to reflect exactly that...random.
{There's something about hot air balloons that I just love. I came across this fantastic pic that not only includes hot air balloons, but they are in my favorite colors - mustard and gray. Love! Click here to purchase the pic and to browse through the entire shop}

Leather Tote
{You had me at Leather Tote. Isn't this fabulous? Click here to view this fantastic bag and the rest of this lovely shop}

{I am a collector of many things, and boxes to hold "stuff" in are one of those many. I really really love these and think they could be the perfect accessory to the perfect gift. For example if someone wanted to buy me the Michele watch I've been obsessed over for my birthday 1 month from today {clearing throat} this would be the perfect box to put it in {clearing throat again}. Click here to see more of these amazing boxes}

{I also collect the letter "J". [NOTE - as your searching the web and /or out vintage and flea market shopping, if you ever come across a HUGE (as in over 3 foot tall) letter J, I beg you to let me know where you see it. I saw one on Etsy about a year ago, and of course procrastinated a little too long and someone bought it ~ I've been obsessed ever since.] Click here to visit this vintage shop - they have every letter in the alphabet...}

See I told you, a bunch of randomness...but sometimes that's ok, right?
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