Wednesday, July 14, 2010

{CB2 Fall Preview}

Fall catalogs have always been my favorite because they get me all excited about the change of seasons. The CB2 fall catalog is now available and I'll give you two guesses why I'm head over heels in love with the collection {scroll down for the answer}. Per the usual - always modern, fun and clean, cb2’s selection stays true to crate and barrel’s look, but with a more contemporary twist. Check out some of my faves:
CB2 - 1
I love: the bold colorful painting, the teal "tv tray", the floor cushion, and the bright orange floor lamp.

CB2 -2
I adore: the mix and match of chairs - but also love them separately.

CB2 - 3
I'm dying for: that over-sized chair to sit in front of my talk about genious.

CB2 - 4
Freakin fantastic: the ghost side table/desk & wine holder.

CB2 - 5
The mustard sofa...yep, sh-mazing!

PS. If you guessed the reason why I'm head over heels is because of all the grey and mustard - well you guessed right! So fab - so me. To check out the new catalog, click here and enjoy!

love jessica

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  1. Loving this. Actually picked out some grey swatches for my room when I was at Home Depot yesterday. Perfect timing! And I'm dying over the clear side table, chair and frames.


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