Tuesday, July 13, 2010

{To Cliche or Not To Cliche - That Is The Question}

Life oftentimes is great, and unexpected lovely things happen to put a well deserved smile on your face. But as I say that, sometimes life really stinks and is unfair to the point that we just can't understand its twist and cruel turns. Clichés – as frowned upon as they are – have become such fixtures in our everyday chatter that we fire them off without thinking. It's during tough times when a cliche {for me} is the absolute last thing we want to hear - but what are you supposed to say to someone who is going through one of those unfair life happenings? Maybe saying nothing at all is appropriate, but today I'm going to take a different road and offer a few "quotes" to share with someone who may need to hear it, hoping I'm not sounding annoying or....cliché.
Keep Calm & Carry On
4. Smile Everything's Gonna Be Ok
6. Everything Will Be Ok In The End

In a nutshell - life sometimes stinks...it just does, period.
love jessica

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  1. Hey Jess....
    Well, here are my favorites for your Italy trip....I ADORE the back pack but it might make sense to have thing readily available and if you uise the backpack, you're going to be taking it off and on for lens changes, money, chapstick...SOOOO, I think you need to reconsider that choice.
    As for the shoes....I love the toeless boot.. Those would be great with skinny jeans!!! And the tennis shoes are great. Remeber comfort comes first....style second, especially when you're touring around.
    Good luck with your purchases!!!! (SP)


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