Thursday, July 15, 2010

{Italian Street Fashion} a very large sum of money will be exiting my bank account to finally pay off my Italy trip. It's official and I'm super stoked! So now that the trip is paid for, I get to do a little pre-Italy shopping - woohoo! Oh malls and online shopping, how I've missed you. I've found some amazing street style pics to give me a little inspiration for how the Italians roll regarding fashion. I figure since I'm gonna be in another country - I can be a little bit of a fashion risk taker while still staying true to my everyday style. we go:
Italy Street Fashion 1
{I love this casual style - this is very me. Now I've heard through the grapevine that you won't see many people wearing shorts, so I wasn't planning on taking any - but I love the casual look of the pic to the left. And {clearing throat} that bag is...ooowee-worthy!}

Italy Street Fashion 3
{Socks and pumps - I've always wanted to do this...}

Italy Street Fashion 2
{Love the pops of color, and again the bag...shaking head}

Italy Street Fashion 5
{Love the hat, LOVE the hat - and with the pink (maybe not the polka dots), yep I'm feelin it!}

Italy Street Fashion 7
{There is absolutely nothing better than jeans, a white tee, and a pair of pumps. PLEASE look closely at the shoes... AMAZE! I'm also realizing a trend that I will need to take some comfortable black flats. PS - look at the bike, I'd die!}

Italy Street Fashion 6
{So this may be a little much for Italy in September - mid to upper 70s - but I still love the coat, the scarf,  and that chevron patterned skirt}

Italy Street Fashion 8
{Love the jackets, the necklaces, the glasses, the white tees, the casual flats, the leopard print flats, and the black Chucks - head to toe cas fabulousness}

Italy Street Fashion 9
{Finally, in a nutshell this is my version of Italian casual chic that I hope to pull off this September. In my Julia Roberts Pretty Woman voice ~ I've got to go shopping...}

love jessica


  1. I'm planning my own trip to italy in march and when googling "italian street fashion" (Yay google) it took me to your blog. I've been having some trouble trying to figure out what to wear- so I was wondering where did you look to find your fashion inspiration??? Thanks!

  2. Hi Bunny - gotta love google for directing you my way...welcome to Flourish!!!!! :-) I seriously scoured the web looking for what to wear. I have several posts of ideas, and then I have a post of everything I took. First and foremost TAKE COMFORTABLE SHOES! I tried to be trendy and fashionable, but I learned my lesson and I beg you TAKE COMFORTABLE SHOES! Other than that, dress in layers - pack lightly, and I can't stress enough just be comfortable. Let me know if you have any other questions and enjoy your time in Italy!

  3. My suggestion would be to take an empty suitcase, and then fill it with stylish italian things you cannot buy at home :) Seriously, take as little as possible, and buy it when you get there. Oh what a hard job it will be to go shopping for clothes in Italy! ;) In particular, make sure the things you do take with you, are things you are happy to ditch when you replace them with the nicer ones you bought in Florence. So don't take your favourite things, which will end up stealing precious suitcase real estate from your new italian STUFF!


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