Wednesday, June 23, 2010

{Satin & Sass + Giveaway}

Satin and Sass Winner
“I wore a bird in my hair” said our fave SATC friend Ms. Bradshaw {now Mrs. Preston} lol! I think that the most fabulous brides all have one important thing in common—they all pay special attention to the details that make them look unique. One way to ensure your distinct sense of style on your big day is to shop for handmade, unique pieces that you instantly fall in love with. Like my friend, Allie of Satin & Sass, Etsy is full of fun little gems like these wedding hair accessories, so it makes it a great place to start. Allie recently started her shop on Etsy, and I got the chance to ask her a few questions about how she got started, her influences, and trusting your creative intuition. Check it out:
Satin & Sass 1
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Q: What made you want to start your own hair accessory line?
A: It was a matter of chance, really. My best friend recently got married and I was asked to create the rehearsal bouquet from the leftover bridal shower ribbons. I was quickly disappointed with the traditional method (which involves tying the assortment of leftover ribbons to a paper plate and calling it a day) and remembered seeing in a magazine how to make ribbon flowers. I gave it a shot and the end result was an elaborate bouquet of ribbon roses. I tested a couple different methods of making different flower shapes and had the half-brained idea to put them on hair clips...and the rest was history.

Q: What inspires you/who are your influences?
A: I find inspiration in many forms. Sometimes it's in the fabric of a vintage dress. Other times it's in a random idea gone wrong that turns into something else entirely. I try to stay open minded during the process and fun things tend to happen. More specifically, I gravitate towards the timeless and feminine styles of Old Hollywood. I am a huge fan of Ginger Rogers and the amazing costumes featured in many of the classic "Fred and Ginger" films.

Q: What do you love most about Etsy?
A: Etsy has so many great to choose?! But to love the most, I'd say it's the sense of community that you can acquire with fellow artists. It's always nice to have the support and inspiration of being surrounded by other creative people, and with Etsy's "conversation" feature and chat rooms, it's so easy to share ideas, get and give advice, and ultimately create a support group for your business.

Q: What other thoughts would you like to share?
A: If you have the itch to be creative, trust your ideas and just go for it. Even if the ideas don't work out the way you initially envision them, something else even better often comes out of the effort. There's something so satisfying about creating something that is a unique expression of yourself. Go out make something! It's fun! And well....if you're not the creative type....check out Etsy and you'll find some cool stuff!!
Satin & Sass Giveaway
1. Click here to visit Satin & Sass

2. Leave a comment below with the name of the Satin & Sass piece you like the most and why {NOTE: only comments left below will be included; comments left on my Facebook or Twitter, even though I always love to hear from you, will not count} 

3. Giveaway ends on Friday, June 25 at 2pm, ET, and a winner will be randomly chosen using the Random Number Generator. Please check back on Friday to see if you are the lucky winner!!!

Good luck & and congratulations Allie on your new shop!!!love jessica


  1. I love your opening quote! My fav? I would have to go with the Apple Green and Teal Satin Flower Brooch. The colors are fantastic!

  2. I'd go with the headband with the teal flower and a bit of white tulle peaking out... simple!

  3. Hands down, the Apple Green and Teal Satin Flower Brooch. I love the colors! And the fact that its a brooch offers a little more versatility. It immediately made me start thinking of ways to wear it. I love it!

  4. I am in love with the Satin flower teal headband! It would be something you could wear any time! I would especially love to wear it out to drinks with the is kinda sex and the city like. So cute!!

  5. I think the birdcage veils are fantastic!!

  6. Cheers to creativity!!!!!

    My favorite item is the Satin Teal Flower Headband. The tulle adds a sweet touch....


  7. I'm loving these hair accessories...I like the diamond shape HB with pink pearl in the middle. So elegant - MINE!

  8. My favourite item is the Satin Teal Flower Headband! I love the tulle detailing, and I have a dress that would go perfectly with it!

  9. Nice work, Allie!
    My fave is the ~Purple Flower Cluster Headband with Green Accent~ it would be the perfect accessory for an upcoming Girls Night Out ("Eclipse" style) ;-)


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