Thursday, June 24, 2010

{Elle Decor UK: Role Reversal}

Your outdoor space should be an extension of your home and your lifestyle... a place where you relax and unwind one day, and entertain guests the next.  Some of us may wonder how that can be possible. Isn’t outdoor furniture stiff and boring? Won’t fabric be ruined outside? Well, lucky for us there are endless options available to create a gorgeous outdoor living space. For example Elle Decor UK shows us below how you can add bold color and vibrant textiles to take your outdoor space to the next level. And if it's truly an extension of your home, it should work just as well in the living room as it does in the garden...
Elle Decor UK June 2010 - 1
{The grey woven sofa...come on now - so fab}

Elle Decor UK June 2010 - 2
{The green chair, fuchsia cart, and teal stool...all you need to do is a take a trip to your local flea market for a great deal on some metal furniture, grab a couple of cans of spray paint, and go for it...LOVE}

Elle Decor UK June 2010 - 3
{The colors here are doing it for me - the teal combined with the rich burnt orange accents mellowed out with that comfy looking grey arm chair...perfection. I'm telling you - Elle Decor UK, you've got it goin on.}
All painted backdrops by artist Kristin Perers - kp{at}
love jessica

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  1. I love the backdrops... saturated color always works for me.


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