Tuesday, June 15, 2010

{Blog of the Week: A Gift Wrapped Life}

Since yesterday was Nate Day I had to push back the Blog of the Week to today...so here we go:

One thing that I love to do {after reading all of my favorite blogs} is to start clicking around on various blog rolls to see if I can find any hidden gems... and what do ya know - I found one {several actually}. I can't remember how I got there, but I stumbled across A Gift Wrapped Life and as a fan of lovely packaging, I knew this was my kind of blog. Sande Chase {interior designer, gift wrapper, and blogger extraordinaire}, loves to share the beautiful art of gifting, what to give, where to find it, how to say it, and where she finds her inspiration through interior design and fashion. Below are a few of my favorite posts, but trust me there are many many more where this came from...

A Bookish Gift
As a book lover and a giver, and a huge fan of wrapping with kraft paper - this idea is major {as Posh Spice -aka- Victoria Beckham would say with her British accent, lol}. Sande had a great idea and said that "you can make a gift tag with a quote from the book. A few lines of book copy handwritten or printed on a blank gift card adds a bit of mystery to the book gift. I like to entice them to open those pages and immerse themselves in a story I think might bring them great reading pleasure" - loves it! 

A Spoonful of Comfort
This is one of those "why didn't I think of that" moments. Isn't this such a genius idea?? I would LOVE to receive one of these since my mom is so far away and it's those days when I'm sick that I miss her most. I am definitely going to do this for someone{s} - how thoughtful AND hand/homemade! You could absolutely do this yourself, but if you are short on time and would rather have someone do it for you - then click here to purchase your love in a jar.

Ribbon Regift
I'm a packaging and ribbon snob {there I said it! happy?} - NOT from the gifts that I receive, but for the gifts that I give. While I usually don't package with the simple ribbon {shown above} you can usually get on a spool from Michael's for a $1, and usually like something more lush, wide, and silky - I do love this idea.
For more ideas click here and here - get lost and enjoy!!
love jessica

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  1. This stuff is SCHMAZING!! I love nicely wrapped packages!


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