Monday, June 14, 2010

{Today Is Nate Berkus Day!!!}

As you may know, interior designer Nate Berkus is getting his own syndicated show starting on September 13th and I am more than excited!! The fab ladies over at Moggit have recently tweeted with Nate and suggested that one of his new shows should include design/decor bloggers in the audience. Not only did he think it was a "Great idea!" he told them that his producers would be in contact with them soon. Well, they've been in contact and the ladies have sent the producers a list with over 70 design/decor bloggers that have all committed to blog about Nate today!
{I mean seriously, how can you not completely gush over this face. Oprah is right - such a cutie pie.}
I adore Nate’s polished style and the fact that he emphasizes the importance of making a space feel intimate and personal. He is one of the few pioneers that have brought an awareness of design to the masses.{Man...what one wouldn't do to have Oprah's Midas touch fall upon you}. Below are a few of my fave Nate Berkus designs - so eclectic, so simplistic, so....Nate:
Art Wall
Stripe rug living room
So, Nate - how does it feel to have 70+ bloggers completely gushing over you? And most importantly how does it feel to officially {kind of} have your own day!!! Thank you for considering having a show full of all of us amazing bloggers - I look forward to being in the audience or even on stage {hint, hint - wink, wink}. Congratulations on your upcoming show, your HSN line, and simply everything you do - you are a true inspiration and the reason why we do what we do. Mwah!!!
love jessica


  1. I think Crate and Barrel carries those rattan stools- I drool over them every time I see them in their catalog or in store. Alas, one of the things on my "want" list that will have to wait! Also, how awesome is that stool in the first picture? I love the legs- still simple, but unique!

  2. Oh love that 1st foyer photo, that one is new to me! Thanks for joining us for NateDay!

  3. Such a fun post!!! Sad to see Nate Day come to a close...


  4. Wow! I love this post. Nate has wonderful taste and incredibly creative.


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