Wednesday, June 16, 2010

{Pretty In Pink}

This past weekend I watched Pretty in Pink - and it made me realize how much I miss the 80s (click here if you grew up in the 80s - can you relate? lol!). Pretty in Pink is such a classic {Wait a minute! We don't got none of this... we don't got doors on the stalls in the boy's room, we don't have, what is this? What's this? We don't have a candy machine in the boy's room! lol - gotta love Duckie...} and I love how Andie was sort of a misfit but she always stayed true to herself and her style. So as a tribute to one of my fave Brat Pack movies....check out my Pretty in Pink wish list - just kicked up a notch {make that a couple of notches...check out Andie's dress for those of who haven't seen the movie - gasp!}
Pretty In Pink - FINAL
{1. Emersonmade Necklace; 2. Tory Burch Clutch; 3. Vintage Blush Pink Ring - Good Girls Studio; 4. Handmade Off the Shoulder Shirt - Chicca Style; 5. Tretorn Pink Sneakers; 6. Vintage Clip On Earrings - West & Plum}

PS. That ring is mine...don't even think about it!!love jessica

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