Wednesday, June 2, 2010

{Addition By Subtraction: Things I'm Lovin'}

Using the motto of Makeunder My Life, I am in the process of improving my life through addition by subtraction. I plan to only add {or keep} things, people, passions in my life that only truly inspire me and make happy - it's all about living a life with intention. Starting with things - I plan to get rid of everything in my home that does not truly make me happy in an effort to replace those things with only pieces I love. It will definitely take time to complete this change, but I love a project, and I'm up for the challenge. Below are some things that I've been eyeing and will be purchasing in time. And yes, to answer your question I will be posting pics {and listing items for sale} throughout this process, so stay tuned...

Bar Carts
{I'm not a big drinker but from time to time - other than a glass a wine - I like to make a mixed drink. I really like these bar carts and would love to have one in my house. In addition to a few bottles, I have a great collection of glasses that I would love to showcase. The search is on..}

Tufted Headboards
{I know there are lots of DIY instructions out there on how to make your own tufted headboards, and while I'm pretty crafty, I don't think I could ever get it to look as professional as I would like it to be. Have you guys ever tried to make your own tufted headboard? If so, let me know how it turned out- better yet, send me a pic!}

Graphic chairs
{I so love these graphic chairs and plan to purchase one for my makeover. I actually have a chaise lounge that I do love and would like to keep - and wonder how much it would cost to get it reupholstered. Any ideas?}

Grey couches
{I am in desperate need of a new couch and while I'm not 100% positive which style I'm looking for, I know that I want it to be grey. My search for the perfect couch continues...}

Jonathan Adler
{Based on my spray painted gnome, you know that I love a little touch of whimsy in my spaces. I saw the Jonathan Adler wiener dog this past weekend at Nordstrom, and if it wasn't for the price tag it would be sitting on my console table today. I'll be heading to the flea market this weekend to look for my "Jonathan Adler" inspired DIY project}

If you too are in the process of completely remaking your life - convo me, let me know your reasoning, your process, advice, etc - I'd love to hear from ya.

Have a lovely day!
love jessica


  1. Oh... so much work you have... I just wanted to wish you good luck.
    I love that grey couches. so pretty. :)


  2. Thank you Raru, yes I have quite a challenge but the process will be fun (hopefully more so than stressful). PS. You have a lovely blog!!

  3. Saw on twitter that you are looking for a blog revamp. Check me out at and let me know if you're interested!


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