Monday, April 12, 2010

{Blog of the Week: Oh Happy Day!}

Oh Happy Day is a design and lifestyle blog written by Jordan Ferney, an event planner and letterpress printer based out of San Francisco. Started in 2006 as a way to keep all her inspiration in one spot Oh Happy Day is now updated daily with inspiring and useful lifestyle ideas and products. Some topics included are: parties and weddings, home decor, fashion and personal style, crafting, creative projects, and other cool stuff.
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I love to entertain, but unfortunately don't do it half as often as I should - or want to. I'm definitey feeling inspired by Oh Happy Day and before it gets too hot and the critters start to creep back out, I am going plan an indoor/outdoor spring party {hopefully some of my out-of-town peeps can make it}! Jordan provides all kinds of party ideas, and after looking at page after page of her blog, I've selected a few of my faves -check em out:
Lemonhead Invitation
{Now these take me back to my childhood when me and my friends would ride our bikes up to the corner store to buy Lemonheads and candy necklaces. I love these Lemonhead Invitations by Jordan herself}

{Who doesn't love cupcakes? And who wouldn't love them even more in these Cupcake Kits by Meri Meri?}

Sewn Letter
{I.LOVE.THIS!!! Don't think for a second that I'm not going to do this for some lucky someone. Hand sewn fabric letter by Kathleen at Twig & Thistle}

Napkin Invitations
{As you know I love to sketch! I think this is such a genius, personal, cost-friendly, fantastic invite. Yep - I'll be doing this too! Hand drawn napkin invitations by Bryn at Paperfinger}

I could continue to post idea after idea - but I will allow you to visit Oh Happy Day for yourself to check out all Jordan's amazingness. I know you're going to love her blog and stay tuned -you may just receive one of these lovely ideas mentioned above by yours truly...ME! I'm itching to have a party...

Have a great day!!!
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  1. I love the hand drawn napkin invitation! So unique!


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