Thursday, March 4, 2010

{Home Office Inspiraton}

I'm at the point where I NEED a home office. I usually write my posts on the couch with computer in lap, and I make my jewelry on my dining room table. I do have a second bedroom that I could turn into an office, but in an effort to keep that room available for guests, I could possibly put my office in the large walk-in closet connected to the room (that is now filled with boxes and junk). The more  I think about it, the more I think this space would be perfect. to finding inspiration I go! Below are some spaces that I discovered from a few of my favorite bloggers. Check out some of the selected items that I would love to incorporate into my space...


Final Signature


  1. These are great! I really need to figure out an office space for myself too, but I am using a corner space in my room that faces a window. It's small but I would love to get some ideas from you for the space. I'll send you a pic.

  2. I really need to redesign mine... it's not big enough... have a nice weekend!

  3. I vote for logo number two. Love your stuff.


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