Wednesday, February 18, 2015

I Visualize a Brick and Mortar - What Do You See?

Yesterday I created a new vision board over on Pinterest as its my way to put it out to the Universe that my ultimate dream is to have a brick and mortar shop full of amazing handmade items, paper products, books, a place for grabbing a coffee, and a space for classes (and if I could have a small space in the back for a pottery wheel and kiln - icing on the cake). Steve Maraboli says “If you have a goal, write it down. If you do not write it down, you do not have a goal - you have a wish.” So good right? So I've taken the first step by writing down my goal/dream using this simple Crazy Sexy Dream Planner, (a printable PDF which allows you to write down your goals, create a vision for what you want, turn that into a list of measurable goals, set benchmarks and celebrate your successes along the way), and since I'm such a visual person, I've decided to create a virtual vision board of what my dream (my brick and mortar) looks like. I'll be adding A LOT more pictures, but here's a sneak peak:
Welcome Sign
I can't wait to flip that sign over everyday!
coffee bar
Can't you see it? You'd want to come shop, grab a coffee, take a class - right? I've put it out there - let's see what happens. I can't wait!

If there is a goal or dream that you've always wanted to achieve - fill out the planner I mentioned above. It's a free 1-page PDF and it allows you to take that first step - write it down!

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