Monday, January 5, 2015

Come Fly With Me: Weekender Travel Bags

I've been eyeing a Louis Vuitton Duffle Keepall 50 bag for a loooong time, but never wanted to spend the money to get one knowing the damage it would endure through my travels. To me, the best thing about a Louis Vuitton is when their light colored straps finally turn a golden brown - so it got me thinking. Why not get a previously-owned bag where it's already gone through a little wear, the straps have turned color, and the cost is MUCH more affordable? I researched shops like eBay and Etsy and found lots of bags but I couldn't find the exact one I was looking for. It had to be authentic, in great condition, the long shoulder strap included, and if it still had the lock - that would just be the icing on the cake. After months and months of searching (and then oh yea, I quit my job) I decided to give up. But then.....on Christmas morning, tucked behind the tree, Santa left me one last package to open. Sure I put it on my Christmas list (because what better time for a miracle than on Christmas morning) - but come on - who would of guessed that I would actually get it, or better yet that anyone would be able to find the EXACT bag, WITH THE ORIGINAL LOCK. Definitely not me - but there it was. It took me several moments before I could comprehend what I was seeing - but as the shock wore off the only thing I could do was squeal and quickly put the bag across my body, and that's where it remained the rest of the day. I usually am not for a loss of words - but that morning I was unable to form a full sentence. Santa definitely showed out this year! Now I just need somewhere to go!
Screen Shot 2015-01-04 at 9.40.09 PM
In addition to my fave new bag, below are a few others that I love. I'll be recreating that Escape canvas bag in the near future for sure:
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Escape Canvas Bag | Pink Leather Braided Bag | Louis Vuitton Duffle (eBay) | Army Green Tote | Handmade Duffle

Do you have a favorite go-to bag that you always travel with? Have you ever purchased (or thought about buying) a used designer bag?


  1. Shut the door!!!!!!!! You are a lucky girl 👏👏!!! That was a PERFECT gift for a quick get away!!

    1. RIght!!?? Definitely a great surprise - I guess I must have been on Santa's good list last year. Let's see if I can keep that going, lol!!


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