Thursday, December 18, 2014

What Gets You Into The Holiday Spirit?

One week from today - everything we have been prepping for will be in full swing. I have to admit that I'm a little behind on all of the things that still need to get done, and have found myself getting slightly stressed. There's more cookies to bake (oh dear Lord), there's gifts to wrap...lots and lots of gifts to wrap, and there are still a few things that haven't been delivered yet so I'm stalking the mailman everyday. While all of these things are typical holiday stresses, what is it that helps you get beyond the stress and into the holiday spirit? 
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For me there are so many things, especially realizing and understanding the true "reason for the season". In addition to that - my top 5 would have to be: 

1. Picking out a tree - It just doesn't feel like Christmas until the tree is up. 

2. Red Starbucks Cups - You have to agree that you instantly get into the holiday spirit when you see those infamous red cups!

3. Knowing that the whole family be together - Usually we are only all together once, maybe twice a year. Christmas is definitely one of those times and I can't wait until Saturday gets here when my sisters arrive!

4. Great Lakes Christmas Ale - A nice cold Christmas Ale with a brown sugar rim - nothing better!

5. Watching cheesy ABC Family and Hallmark Channel Movies - I'm obsessed. Since the day after Thanksgiving I don't think my TV has been on any other channels. Even though I can predict within the first 5 minutes how the movie will end,  I get wrapped up in the cheesy love stories every time. 

So what is it that gets you into the holiday spirit? Is it a specific song? A smell? A movie? Don't tell me I'm the only one that gets sucked into these cheesy made-for-TV movies. 


  1. I like to try and take the time to do other things outside of Christmas shopping. Maybe go for a drive to look at house with lights, go ice skating, or even like how we're seeing the Cleveland Orchestra. All of these things are nice distractions from the stressful shopping & still keep the spirit flowing!

  2. Christmas music specifically the Charlie Brown Christmas album!


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